Friday, July 31, 2009

Latest view of the flowers out front

View from the eastside.
View from of the westside.

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Snapdragons, dianthus, cosmos, primrose, and my favorite orange dahlias!
Primrose, dianthus, salvia, snapdragon, and nicotina.
Snapdragons, cosmos, dianthus, coreopsis, nicotina, lobelia, and salvia.
A beautiful Peace rose.


A bountiful harvest!!

Look at all this beautiful food! Lots of zucchini, peter pan squash, summer squash, radishes, a cucumber and one cherry tomato. There were actually two, but I ate one before I took the picture.
Tons of squash!!
Radishes in the foreground. Not too many left. I harvested 21 this morning. Tomatoes and beans in the background. Big Mac pumpkins in the back and to the right.
View of the squash, watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. We've already harvested lots of squash!

The growing garden

The Kentucky Pole beans are really growing.
Two Golden Bell Peppers. Still have several weeks until harvest.
Jubilee Corn. There are 17 smaller ones growing behind these big ones. I planted the back two rows about two weeks ago.
Sweet Slice cucumber, it's about 8 inches long.
Peter Pan Squash
The Celebrity tomatoes are getting larger.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beans, beans!

Yum! One of my favorites is fresh green beans. These are the Kentucky Pole beans.
You can't see them too well yet, but there are eight Blue Lake bush beans growing here.
The Kentucky Pole beans are coming along wonderfully. There are 6-7 around each pole.

The squash is winning big time!

This Sundance summer squash has half a dozen little squashes on it, and I am sure there will be a lot more to come.
This Burpless cucumber is growing in a semi circle. I guess it doesn't really matter. Maybe they are suppose to grow that way; hmmm, I'll have to check on that.

Tomatoes at last!

Sweet 100, cherry tomatoes. There are half a dozen or so already.
Roma tomotoes. There are actually two of them, but you can only see the one in this photo.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Better than a scarecrow!

The garden guardian, Mercedes, watching me work. She lays in the shade of the tree while I sweat in the sun. However, her real job is at night. She keeps the deer out of the garden. The first night after we planted I found deer prints in the garden; luckily nothing had been eaten. Since then, I have left Mercedes to sleep outside overnight and no new prints have appeared. Yay for big dogs!

A closer look at the vegies.

Of course the zucchini is growing the best. It will probably take over the garden and maybe even the whole 1/2 acre yard!
Kentucky Wonder pole beans. Planted on June 27th. They have grown over two inches in less than two days.
Jubilee corn. It's actually growing better than the weeds. Yay!
Radishes. We have a ton of them up already and they were just planted on June 27th.

Hooray for the vegetables!

Peppers (purple, yellow, red and green) and tomatoes (Celebrity, DX52-12, Sweet 100, and Roma). You can also see a few of the pumpkins to the right. We transplanted most of this on June 23 and 24. Just beyond the tomatoes are the beans and then all the way back are two Big Mac pumpkins. We'll see if we can really get them up to 100 pounds!
Let's here it for the cucumbers, squash, and melons. Corn is in the very back. We planted two kinds: Jubilee and Sweet Cream. Should be very yummy! The corn was planted on June 24 and we already have 9 little stalks coming along. Hopefully more will show up soon.